How to sell to us

We are only accepting fall & winter items for the remainder of 2021. Please see what we are currently accepting for a detailed list.

Please read through the requirements before dropping items off, below is information on how to prepare your items, what we are currently accepting and how to drop off

All guidelines must be followed strictly- If sweet lemons believes the guidelines have not been met we reserve the right to refuse a drop off.

DROP OFF DAYS: We will be accepting drop offs any time during our business hours Tuesday through Saturday.

1. Inspect Your Items

2. Pack Your Items

3. Offers & Pick-up Un-purchased Clothes

Reasons we pass on items include: Stains, visible signs of wear (piling, holes, broken zippers, fading etc) Older styles, items that don't sell well at our store. We also pass on items if we believe they have not been freshly laundered, have pet hair or any odors ie. smoke, musty, unclean. 

Please note we reserve the right to decline any items that do not fit our quality standards or requirements.

We are currently accepting all seasons (detailed list of what we are accepting below) 

IMPORTANT: if you or any one in your household is sick, is awaiting a covid test or have been in close contact with a positive case you CANNOT drop off items to us until everyone is in the clear. We are trusting our customers to be honest with us and appreciate you taking these rules seriously. 


Sizes We purchase

Accepted Sizes: preemie up to 12 youth  & Footwear up to size 5 youth.

quality Standards

We accept brand new with tags, like-new, and gently-used items.

Please ensure that all items are:

1. Clean/laundered/Functional (i.e. working zippers, buttons, etc.)No stains,

2. No rips or tears,

3. No obvious discoloration, strong odors and/or pilling

4. No missing tags/labels

5. No marker/pen marks/ pet hair

6. No items older than 5 years (unless it has vintage appeal)

7. No underwear or socks 

seasons & items we are purchasing

We are only accepting Fall and winter items for the remainder of 2021. This includes… fall Dresses, long sleeve tops, 1 piece outfits, sleepers & pj's cotton and fleece, dance and gymnastic leotards, Rain coats & splash pants, fall coats, leggings & jogging pants, jeans, pants, hoodies, zip ups & knit sweaters, Halloween costumes, Christmas attire, Running shoes, dance shoes, , fall boots, Rain boots, Sleep sacks, Baby carriers (sling, or wrap) Car seat covers ( ie. Over company) Muslin swaddle blankets, car seat ponchos.

Important: Were also accepting Winter gear which includes: winter boots, winter coats, snow pants, hats & mitts (we accept these items all year)